Building Data Landing Zones with Azure Databrick

In this on-demand data-centric webinar for those who support data engineering and analytics teams, you will learn how to iteratively build out an enterprise-ready data platform using Databricks.

Dave Judd covers:

  • Differences between data platform engineering and data engineering
  • Best practices for deploying Databricks in Azure using automated infrastructure-as-code
  • Repeatable and scalable infrastructure patterns that support batch and streaming data ingestion, data processing, and data analytics
  • Basics of Microsoft’s Cloud Scale Analytics scenario, which is an extension of the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework

By the end of the webinar, you will have a foundational understanding of:

  • The approach to the build (using Azure Databricks)
  • How to onboard data applications
  • How to scale out the solution

Dave Judd
Data Practice Lead
Managing Principal

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