Transformation Assessment

With our tried and tested approach to SaaS transformation, we’ll help you build a roadmap that considers all of the key architectural, security and operational factors needed to ensure you achieve SaaS success.


SaaS Pre-Engagement Questionnaire

Our engagement begins with a detailed pre-engagement questionnaire for you to complete and send back to our team. This saves you time and money by providing our team with a background on your current software offerings. We will then schedule a discovery call to discuss the shared information and review the process for the on-site assessment.

On-Site Readiness Assessment

We’ll work key areas in your organization to better understand your offerings, your processes, your systems and your goals. Specifically, we will: perform a detailed analysis of your architecture, code quality, build and release process, and security – SaaS services will need greater security, user management, high availability, and multi-tenant and failover support – is your offering ready?; work with your Product Management team to get a better understanding of your roadmap, processes and product licensing and usage; work with your IT operations team to understand their systems, capabilities and cloud readiness; and work with your customer support team to understand the support model and challenges. We’ll then create a report that details your current state and makes recommendations for each area for a successful transformation to a SaaS company.


Playbook for SaaS Success

The engagement ends with a comprehensive presentation to discuss our findings and map your potential path forward. Your experts will be able to interact with the team from ObjectSharp to review the findings, understand the recommendations and map the next step of your journey. A copy of the detailed report will be left with you.

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