We helppeoplework at scale.


When you need Cloud software built the right way, we're your team.

We're a multi-disciplinary Agile team of senior software development professionals who are passionate experts in their fields. We partner with you - at every step along your software development journey - to deliver innovative business solutions using Agile, CI / CD, DevOps & Software Automation.

What Sets Us Apart

There’s nothing copy-paste about ObjectSharp. Unlike most consulting companies, our team is comprised of senior experts who have tactical experience implementing sophisticated real-world solutions. We don’t simply “advise” and walk away; we do the work. We’re as technical as they come.

And unlike most application development shops or agencies, we don’t just focus on delightful user experiences; we also focus on building software properly, the cloud-first way, with thoughtful architectures that work at scale. When you need software built right from the outset, we’re your team.


Pride in craft and commitment to excellence is what attracts people to our team, and is what drives them in their work. There is no B team at ObjectSharp.

Dave Judd, Managing Principal

1Own The ProblemUnlike traditional "consulting" companies, we take ownership of your problem - right through to the results. Your success is our success.

Our Approach: Attitude is Everything

At ObjectSharp, we have spent the last 18 years building a culture of both curiosity and excellence that is unmatched in the software development industry. How did we do this? By committing to a set of core principles. And recruiting only for talent that live these principles. We don't believe in growth for growth's sake. We hire only top talent, so you can be sure you're getting the very best.

True End-to-End Capability: Available When You Need It, Gone When You Don't

Our team is not like other consulting companies that "advise" and then walk away. We're as technical as they come. But we’re also not just another app agency or software development shop. Our team consists of experts across all aspects of the software development lifecycle ready to work embedded with your team to navigate change, foster innovation and deliver real value - to your business and end users - better and faster.

  • bulb 63Product Ideation & Strategy
  • web designUser Experience & Design
  • cloud upload 96Cloud Architecture
  • code editorCloud-First & Serverless Application Development
  • window codeDevOps, DevSecOps, CI/CD Automation
  • timelineMicroservices & Container Orchestration
  • bugAutomated QA Testing
  • white houseCloud Governance, Monitoring & Data Protection
Product Ideation & Business Analysis
User Experience (UX) & Design
Embedded Agile & Leadership Coaching
Cloud-First & Serverless App Development
CI/CD, DevOps & Microservices Orchestration
Automated QA Testing
Azure Governance & Monitoring
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You're in Good Company

From innovative startups to leading enterprises, we’ve worked with some of the world’s leading organizations to design, build and deploy mission-critical Cloud software that works at scale. With ObjectSharp as your partner, you know you’re in good company.

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