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Support work from home and business continuity plans. We’ll help you rapidly implement Microsoft Azure Windows Virtual Desktop.

Today business and IT need to respond to change and unexpected events more than ever. Additionally, there is a growing trend for companies to support their employees to work from home. Windows Virtual Desktop is Microsoft’s Desktop as a Service solution powered by Azure that provides your employees with a secure Windows experience. Your employees can use their PC, tablet or phone to access their desktop applications hosted in Azure, with the same Windows interface they are used to on their PCs and devices. In three easy steps, ObjectSharp can help you to securely and rapidly implement Windows Virtual Desktop and allow you to quickly take advantage of its benefits.


Getting Ready

We start with helping you size your virtual desktop environment and estimate costs. Next, we’ll verify your current Azure configuration and perform a security review before deployment. We’ll help you create your Windows Virtual Desktop tenant and set permissions ready to start deployment

Setting Up

We will help you set up connectivity and configure or reconfigure virtual private networks (VPN) to Azure. We set up Windows Virtual Desktop in Azure and provision host pools based on the number of users you require. When the host pool is running, we set up application groups enabling you to deploy a single application or a full desktop to your end users.


Supporting Users

We will be there to help as you onboard users to Windows Virtual Desktop. We troubleshoot issues and coach your operations team on updates, alerts, and system monitoring. We ensure that you are left with the knowledge to successfully manage your new Windows Virtual Desktop environment.

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