Cloud-Native Conversations With Industry Pros.

Join your hosts Jeff Zado and Nick Van Exan (and frequent guest hosts Shane Castle and Dave Judd) each month for conversations with industry pros on the latest cloud-native technologies and software development practices.

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Latest Episodes

Jun 25, 2019

Cloud-First Teams: Enabling Team Success With Cloud-First Digital Transformation

This month we’re talking with special guests Diane Dale and Shane Castle about the people and process side of cloud-first digital transformation - how cloud-first development is reshaping software development teams and how to make your teams highly performant.

Apr 19, 2019

Microsoft Azure DevOps and Agile Tooling

This month we're talking all about Microsoft Azure DevOps and tooling for Agile with two very special guests: Dave Lloyd (Microsoft MVP and a co-founder of ObjectSharp) and Martin Woodward (Principal GPM for Azure DevOps. Vice-President of the .NET Foundation and original creator of the Microsoft org on GitHub).

Mar 08, 2019

Serverless Architecture: Applications Without the Pain of Infrastructure

In this episode we’re talking with ObjectSharp Principal Consultant Dave Judd all about Serverless architecture and how you can start building applications with Azure Functions and without the pain of managing infrastructure. If you've been curious about Serverless and how it fits in with discussions around microservices, this is a great episode to check out. Listen and enjoy!

Feb 22, 2019

Microservices and Orchestration with Kubernetes and Docker

This month we’re talking with Shane Castle and Gui Martins about Kubernetes: how it’s enabling the effective orchestration and management of cloud-first microservices and architectures like service mesh, and what that means for your business.

Dec 10, 2018

Cosmos DB: Everything you wanted to know about Microsoft Azure’s NoSQL offering in about 30 minutes

In this, our very first episode, we talk with Shane Castle and Dave Judd all about Microsoft Azure's database service offering, Cosmos DB. We explore what Cosmos DB is, what problems it solves, how it stacks up to other databases such as SQL, Firebase, Mongo DB, etc., and why you may want to consider using Cosmos DB in the development of your next application. If you've heard about Cosmos DB but you're not really sure what's it all about, this is a great place to start.

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