Follow-The-Sun Architecture

Global Scale Apps

As a leading provider of Azure implementation and orchestration, services, we’ve created a novel framework for building “Follow-the-Sun” applications that are highly available and performant across different geographies, simultaneously.


Global Scale Readiness Assessment Roadmap

Our engagement begins with a comprehensive on-site workshop with key stakeholders and team members of your engineering, product and IT teams. During this engagement, we will review and map your team’s current status and approach, discuss your desired end-state, and identify any associated gaps in key areas necessary to build or solidify your application for success at global scale, including: governance, security, operations, application architecture, devops and budgeting.

Strategic Optimization & Acceleration Analysis

After working with key areas in your organization to better understand your application offering, your architecture and software development processes, your cloud and infrastructure set-up, and your goals, our subject matter experts will then work with your internal champions to identify the aspects of your application architecture that can be optimized to ensure your application successfully moves to a Follow the Sun model. Specifically, we will assist you with:

  • Identifying core global data protection requirements your app must fulfill
  • Assessing your disaster recovery chokepoints and threshold for data loss
  • Designing your serverless architecture and containerization strategy
  • Planning your data migration strategy to Cosmos DB
  • Forecasting accurate budgets for infrastructure based on scale
  • Identifying how many and which regions to deploy your application

By the end of this phase of the project, the groundwork will be set for you build highly available services that are simultaneously active in multiple timezones and instantly replicates data in an optimized way so that your users have the lowest latency and the best possible user experience.

Playbook for Global Success

The engagement ends with a comprehensive presentation to discuss our findings and map your potential path forward. Your team will be able to interact with our experts to review the findings, understand the recommendations and map the next steps in your journey to building highly available services that can relocate to different geographies without data loss and near zero downtime.

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