Windows Server and SQL Server Migration to Azure

Azure Migration

Moving Windows Server or SQL Server to Azure will reduce your costs, increase security, improve performance and scalability, and provides robust disaster recovery. ObjectSharp offers a comprehensive process to migrate and secure Windows Server and SQL Server to Microsoft Azure.


Migration Assessment Workshop

  • Discovery sessions with client business and IT stakeholders
  • Confirm migration goals/business problems and set migration priorities
  • Create migration inventory
  • Assess migration risks and establish risk tolerance
  • Identify security risks and mitigations

Overall migration approach is to start with lowest/least complex workloads with fewest dependencies and incrementally increase until migration is completed.

Planning and Preparation

  • Map servers into logical groupings and identify dependencies
  • Complete data classification and encryption
  • Create recovery and resiliency plans to align with risk assessments
  • Estimate migration costs and ongoing Azure consumption following migration
  • Establish migration strategy: Lift and shift, refactor, rearchitect or/and rebuild or a combination
  • Build migration plan
  • Client reviews and approvals

Often results in migration and modernization of applications/databases to address business problems that spurred the migration in the first place.

Migration and Optimization

  • Enact migration plan
  • Utilize Microsoft migration tools and proprietary automation scripts
  • For SQL server migration, sync data and perform cutover
  • Perform tests, remediation as needed
  • Analyze costs and optimize

Secure, Train and Manage

  • Ensure Azure security and Azure Policy are in place to manage security going forward
  • Validate data encryption strategy adherence
  • Monitor usage and costs through Azure application insights for continuous optimization
  • Training sessions with client to transition cloud management to IT
  • Client training materials for ongoing management of cloud infrastructure

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