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Intelex is a software company that provides the world’s leading Environmental, Health & Safety and Quality (EHSQ) Management Software Solution.  Their systems help their clients prevent, manage and report on all occupational injuries and illnesses.

With over 1,300 clients, and 1.6 million desktop and mobile users accessing their systems from around the globe, Intelex’s software needs to provide fast response on a 24×7 basis.


  • Azure Virtual Machines
  • SQL Server Managed Instance


Managing their clients’ data is Job # 1 at Intelex. Their core software runs on SQLServer in a virtual environment.

Intelex decided to move to the Azure Cloud to get more scalability and performance to support their growing customer base. They asked ObjectSharp to show them how move their key SQL Server databases to Azure and continue to deliver the outstanding performance that their clients were expecting.


After analyzing and taking detailed measurements of their on-premise SQL Server volume and performance characteristics, ObjectSharp selected the optimal combination of Azure compute and storage resources to meet Intelex’s performance targets.

ObjectSharp then developed custom scripts to allow Intelex to automate – safely and securely – the ‘Lift and Shift’ of their SQL Server databases. Key to the whole migration plan was ensuring that once on Azure, their systems would continue to deliver the performance that their clients were expecting.

ObjectSharp also made sure that Azure Security Center was setup. This provided Intelex with the tools they needed to monitor the performance and operation of their systems running on Azure, and to track down any suspicious behaviours or unauthorized access attempts to their clients’ data.

The whole project, from Analysis, to Design, to Migration, to Validation and Tuning, and finally to Hand-over to Intelex, took just 12 weeks.

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