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The Halifax Port Authority

Over 1,500 ocean-going cargo ships enter the Port at Halifax every year.   They are from the world’s largest shipping lines.  And they transport billions of dollars worth of cargo to and from 150 different countries.

The Halifax Port Authority (HPA) is accountable for the long-term planning and development of infrastructure, including digital infrastructure, to maintain and grow activities within the port in a responsible, sustainable way.  Many different stakeholders depend on their PortControl system, to provide accurate and up-to-date information on operations across the entire port.

But PortControl relies on data coming from many different internal and external legacy systems.  These inputs are often delayed and contain errors.  So there is a lot of manual intervention to match and correct them before they can be properly consumed.

HPA called on ObjectSharp (the Microsoft Business Group of Centrilogic) to help them develop a new Cloud-based Data Strategy.  And then create a plan to implement it.

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