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CaseWare International is a global FinTech company. Their SaaS software product “Alessa” provides Banks with a vital screening tool to identify people and organizations who may be potential fraudsters.

CaseWare uses sophisticated AI-based search algorithms to search fraud databases that they have aggregated from around the world. Their ability to quickly identify potential fraudsters allows Banks to decide who to look at more closely before taking them on as new customers.

Most Banks are now required by law to do this kind of checking before opening new accounts.  So the CaseWare system needs to be very thorough, highly accurate and as fast as possible.


  • Azure Services
  • SQL Server


To ensure absolute security and confidentiality, CaseWare provides every Banking customer with its own segregated and secure run-time area. Initially, CaseWare handled this with its own in-house data center. But as its customer base grew, it could not scale up fast enough to accommodate the growing volume of search requests.

So they turned to ObjectSharp to help them quickly “Lift and Shift” key Windows and Linux workloads to the more scalable and secure Azure cloud platform.

“The automated “Lift and Shift” pipeline that ObjectSharp created for us worked like ‘magic’. I was amazed at how much of our system they were able to migrate in just a few weeks.  I kept saying: ‘these guys are unstoppable!’. We learned a lot about Azure by working with ObjectSharp. They have been great mentors to me and my Team,” Corie Murray, Chief Architect, CaseWare


Our consultants worked as integrated members of their in-house SW Development Team. We quickly identified that key resources that needed to be migrated to the cloud. These included Windows Server-based Web and application servers, SQLServer databases and a Linux-based Elastic search cluster.

The ObjectSharp consultants virtualized existing servers and then used PowerShell scripting and Azure DevOps pipelines to create a flexible and automated process of deploying the required resources to Azure.

This tool set was designed to execute an initial “Lift and Shift” migration to the cloud and then let CaseWare easily do future migrations and continuous development themselves.

Once the Windows Server and Linux-based workloads were successfully migrated to Azure, and had passed all the necessary tests, ObjectSharp ensured they used Azure’s high availability and auto-scaling capabilities so CaseWare could smoothly and reliably handle virtually any increase in demand from their clients.

Before they left, the ObjectSharp Consultants also created a Proof-of-Concept to show the CaseWare team how to use Azure Batch Services to increase the on-demand scalability even further and significantly reduce execution times for heavy workloads. This allowed CaseWare to further speed up the delivery of their search results by taking advantage of Azure’s parallel processing capabilities.

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