Build highly available, impossibly resilient applications with ObjectSharp’s “Follow-the-Sun” Framework

Successful modern SaaS applications have many requirements. Apps have to be fast: served to end-users as quickly as possible for the best user-experience. Apps have to be resilient: always active, with maximum availability and zero down time. And apps have to be protected: instantly recoverable when catastrophe strikes. And these aren’t just user preferences. Global laws like the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) are making all of this necessary to operate global scale apps. As a leading provider of Azure implementation and orchestration services, ObjectSharp has created a novel framework for building “Follow-the-Sun” applications that are highly available across different geographies, simultaneously. With our framework, our team of cloud architects, business analysts, and data security and devops experts will work directly with your teams to plan and deliver the right governance, delivery and operational decisions to ensure your application succeeds at global scale: with zero latency, zero down time, zero data loss, and zero wasted costs.