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Embedded Cloud Expertise + Application Development Acceleration

We’re a team of senior development professionals who are experts in the art of turning capital into software that works at scale, quickly and reliably. We work embedded with our clients to improve their people, processes and products.

From product ideation and design, to embedded Agile and CI/CD automation, to cloud-first and serverless architecture and development, and on through to DevOps, microservice orchestration and automated testing - we’re your upper-hand in building mission critical software that works at scale.

Embedded Cloud Expertise + Application Development Acceleration

Agile + Automation on the Microsoft Azure Cloud

ObjectSharp is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and is well known for its depth and breadth of expertise in Microsoft Azure. Whether it's Agile on Microsoft Azure DevOps, or serverless application development with Microsoft Azure Functions, or microservices orchestration with Azure Kubernetes Service, we deliver solutions faster - with higher quality - using the most modern tools and techniques to help you automate the process of software development.

True End-to-End Capability

Our team is not like other consulting companies that "advise" and then walk away. We're as technical as they come. But we’re also not just another app agency or software development shop. Our team consists of experts across all aspects of the software development lifecycle ready to work embedded with your team to navigate change, foster innovation and deliver real value - to your business and end users - better and faster.

  • bulb 63Product Ideation & Strategy
  • web designUser Experience & Design
  • cloud upload 96Cloud Architecture
  • code editorCloud-First & Serverless Application Development
  • window codeDevOps, DevSecOps, CI/CD Automation
  • timelineMicroservices & Container Orchestration
  • bugAutomated QA Testing
  • white houseCloud Governance, Monitoring & Data Protection
Product Ideation & Business Analysis
User Experience (UX) & Design
Embedded Agile & Leadership Coaching
Cloud-First & Serverless App Development
CI/CD, DevOps & Microservices Orchestration
Automated QA Testing
Azure Governance & Monitoring
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You're in Good Company

From innovative startups to leading enterprises, we’ve worked with some of the world’s leading organizations to design, build and deploy mission-critical Cloud software that works at scale. With ObjectSharp as your partner, you know you’re in good company.

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