What Makes an Awesome Product Owner – Help your Agile Teams to Succeed


The Product Owner is arguably one of the most influential members on an Agile team. Yet, most organizations struggle to identify and develop this role. Come to this complementary seminar for IT and Business managers and leaders to understand:

  • Responsibilities and benefits of the Agile PO role
  • Desirable PO qualities – Who makes a good PO?
  • How to successfully incorporate the PO role into your organization?
  • Practical tips and common mistakes to avoid


  • Introduction
  • Understanding the PO Role
  • Understanding the PO Responsibilities
  • Incorporating the PO Role into your Organization
  • Recap, Q&A, and Takeaways

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Event Details

Date / Time: Thursday, April 25 nd – 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM

Location: 40 University Ave, Suite 1301