The Agile Leader: How to Enable Individual, Team & Organizational Success


Just like Agile is not just another delivery framework, Agile leadership is not just another leadership/management framework. Further, the Agile Leader is not necessarily an organizational leader. An Agile Leader can be anyone. Join Jonathan Rozenblit for a complimentary workshop where, through the sharing of stories and practical guidance drawn from coaching individuals, teams, and organizations, you’ll get a glimpse of what it takes to be an Agile leader and help individuals, teams, the organization succeed with Agile.


  • 9:15 AM – Registration and Setup
  • 9:30 AM – Workshop
    • Leadership in an Agile context
    • Agile Leader: The Role and the Person
    • Professional and Personal Development Journey to be an Agile Leader
  • 11:30 AM (Optional) – Brief review of Leadership Personal Development Plan

This workshop is for anyone who is curious about what is an Agile Leader, what it takes to develop into one, and the positive impact that person can have as an Agile leader in the organization.

Anyone means ANYONE - there is absolutely no requirement for you to be in a current leadership role or have "leader" anywhere in your job description – just an aspiration to be one. If you are currently in a leadership role, by all means, please still do attend to find out more about leadership within an Agile context.

Regardless of your current role, you should know the basics of Agile, as the values and principles and why organizations might choose Agile as a way of working will not be covered in this workshop.

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Event Details

Date / Time: Thursday, February 28 th – 9:15 AM to 11:30 AM

Location: 40 University Ave, Suite 1301