Jul 15, 2019

IMPACT: ObjectSharp Wins 2019 Microsoft IMPACT Award for Application Innovation in FinTech

By ObjectSharp

ObjectSharp is thrilled to have received the 2019 Microsoft IMPACT Award for Application Innovation in FinTech. The IMPACT Award showcases ObjectSharp's expertise in delivering sophisticated and cutting edge cloud-native solutions on Microsoft Azure, as well as its technical excellence in Kubernetes for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications.

About the Award

Each year, Microsoft Canada hosts the IMPACT Awards to celebrate innovation in technology recognizing the outstanding work of its partners do to deliver virtually seamless solutions to customers. The IMPACT Awards showcase the excellence and innovation within the Canadian Partner community.

Announced last night during the Canadian Regional Keynote at Microsoft Inspire, ObjectSharp won the award for Application Innovation in FinTech for its work for global FinTech leader Finastra and its FusionFabric.cloud, which involved painlessly moving 100s of apps, written in multiple programming languages from on-prem to the cloud, driving an incredible reduction of deployment time of internal applications, and improving operations.

ObjectSharp's Award-Winning Work for Finastra

Formed in 2017 by the combination of Misys and D+H, Finastra is a global Fintech force, providing the broadest portfolio of financial services software in the world today. Finastra’s FusionFabric.cloud platform for open innovation aims to change the way that modern banking software is created and deployed. With FusionFabric.cloud, Finastra is championing collaboration and encouraging innovation by opening up its core systems via APIs so third parties can develop applications on top.

Finastra’s pioneering platform — built on top of Microsoft Azure — received mention and praise by Microsoft earlier this year. Finastra has evolved from packaged software to micro-services, open APIs and continuous delivery. ObjectSharp’s innovative work with the Azure Kubernetes Service to create a platform of open interfaces, standards and architecture has helped with the journey.

Finastra chose ObjectSharp to help implement this solution based on their deep expertise in the Microsoft Azure Cloud and proven implementation track record for building applications cloud-first, and leveraging automation where possible, from the outset. ObjectSharp provided Finastra with an engineer on the ground, Gui Martins, to help its in-house team with the development of the platform’s infrastructure. Gui is the creator of kCleaner, CLI for for cleaning up Kubernetes Files, and is one of the world's leading experts on Kubernetes (whom you may remember from the ObjectSharp Podcast on Microservices and Orchestration with Kubernetes). According to Timothy Sutherland, Senior Director, Cloud Enablement, Enterprise Architecture, R&D at Finastra:

“This project is business critical for Finastra, so it had to be done right. ObjectSharp has a proven track record of providing the right people, processes and tools to help deliver high-quality cloud solutions based on Microsoft Azure. We needed a partner we could trust as we continue to make our open vision a reality with FusionFabric.cloud.”

Indeed, at the outset of the project, the Azure Kubernetes Service was not yet available. All that existed was the Azure Access Control Service Engine (“ACS Engine”), which was not able to deploy clusters privately. ObjectSharp — always technical and results-driven — forked the Microsoft Git repository for ACS Engine and wrote its own code to enable deployment of secure clusters. And this code was ultimately merged into Microsoft’s GitHub repo, broadening Azure’s capabilities for all.

With Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), ObjectSharp has since been creating automated pipelines with AKS and Azure Cosmos DB that save every development team within Finastra precious time for deployments and the provisioning of secure clusters. AKS brings a fundamental benefit to the development team at Finastra. As Félix Grévy, Global Head of Product Management at Finastra, explains: “AKS gives us a pure Kubernetes and Docker imaging environment that we don’t have to manage ourselves. Our team has regained the resources to accelerate deployment and maximize our platform offering.”

Taking Home the Trophy

Jeff Zado, ObjectSharp's Director of Business Solutions, was on-hand at the Microsoft Inspire to accept the award on behalf of ObjectSharp. We were able to catch a quick video of Jeff in all his glory, as well as a few photos from the event, courtesy of Dylan Berry (thanks, Dylan!). We'll update this page with more when Jeff returns home.

Big congrats to our Associate Consultant, Gui Martins, and our amazing friends and clients at Finastra. We're thrilled as always to be innovating on the Cloud with you.

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